Nova Petrol Chainsaw 20" 50cm Chain 2200W CIMEX MS500-20 motorna pila

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Tip motorna pila
Godina proizvodnje 2019
Lokacija Bugarska Sofia
Datum objavljivanja više od 1 mjeseca
Autoline ID ML19388
Snaga motora 3 k.s.
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Dodatne informacije: Engleski
This electric chainsaw from CIMEX is fitted for forest cutting, family logging or professional use and features a 2200W motor. The integrated auto oil system can lubricate the chain, giving higher cutting efficiency. Easy to assemble, start and maintain the CIMEX 54cc petrol chainsaw makes slicing through wood and maintaining wooded areas a breeze. It was designed for ease of use and maneuverability.


• High speed cutting-max 11000rpm.
• Lightweight design make cutting easier.
• Reliable chain brake prevent accidents.
• Comfortable Handle
• Application-Ideal for storm clean-up and small & medium size tree cutting; good for tree cutting, handles limbs trees, trimming and pruning, and firewood cutting.
• Chrome plated cylinder and piston
• Anti-vibration system
• Automatic chain lubrication
• Mechanical chain brake
• Rollback protection
• Improved ignition system
• WALBRO Carburetor (Japan)
• OREGON chain
• OREGON tire


• Power: 2.2 kW / 3.0 hp
• Engine: 1-Cylinder, 2-Stroke, Air-cooling
• Displacement : 54cc
• Maximum Engine Speed: 11,000 RPM
• Fuel Mix: 40:1 (40 parts fuel to 1 part two stroke oil)

Package include:

1 x Chainsaw machine
1x Chain
1 x Protective Cover for Chainsaw bar
1x Tool kit
1 x User manual
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