Nova PROMAX STAR M35-PLNT betonara

45.000 €
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≈ 49.792 $
53.100 €
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Model M35-PLNT
Tip betonara
Godina proizvodnje 2019
Prva registracija 2019
Radnih sati 24 m/č
Neto težina 8000 kg
Lokacija Turska ANKARA
Datum objavljivanja više od 1 mjeseca
Autoline ID VK17118


Performanca 35 m3/č
Rezervoar za vodu 150 l
Ukupne dimenzije 8 m × 2.2 m × 2.4 m
Snaga 45 kW (61.22 k.s.)
Gorivo elektro
Stanje novi
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Dodatne informacije:


Plant Type : Mobile Concrete Plant - PLANETARY MIXER
Plant Capacity : 35 m³/ hour freshly compressed concrete
Mixer Capacity : 750/500 lt (0.5m³ Compressed Concrete)
Total Motor Power : 45kw Standard Value can be changed depending on Equipment.
Voltage/Frequency : 380V/50Hz Standard Value.
Control Room: Automatic Control System “SCADA”
Electronical Opponents: Siemens
Software: PROMAX

Warranty: 12 months

 It is very practical and flexible because you will not need any aggregate feeding system or a ramp; since the aggregate hopper is made in a way that you can load the aggregate directly with the Mini Excavator.
 The installation and start-up of the plant will only take two hours.
 A very low transport cost since this machine with all its equipement requires only one container.
 Easy to move from one building site to another with a small standard truck. (No need for a special truck unlike other plants).
 Very high quality in accordance with high European Standards CE ; ISO 9001 ; GOST ; BURO VERITAS.. (Certifications).
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